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April 1, 2000

Yesterday on talk radio the discussion concerned Tony Blair and whether or not he should take paternity leave when his latest child is born. Interestingly, all the female callers felt he should, and with male callers it was running 50/50. But one male caller bothered me a lot. He said that he felt very strongly that Blair should not take paternity leave because if he were home with the young baby, he would run the risk of bonding with it more strongly and that as "the disciplinarian," it was the father’s duty not to get too close to the kids. That one even caught the talk show host off guard and he terminated the call abruptly as the man continued to talk about the need for disciplining his kids.

DAD.jpg (55673 bytes)The show made me think of the wonderful relationship our kids have had with Walt and what a terrific father he is. I wonder if the kids realize how lucky they have been to have a Dad who loves them more than life, and who has been able to be both a father and a friend. I remember back to horse-back rides on the living room floor, everybody clamoring to have Daddy carry them to bed, all the nights that he took over bath duties when I’d reached burn out, the years coaching Little League, sitting through Indian Guide meetings, and building sets for the Children's Theatre, driving hours and hours to diving meets, field trips, marching band competitions, and Lawsuit shows. Now that they are adults what a great relationship they have with him. The kids have always known that they were loved, they’ve been hugged much and they had (and still have) such a terrific Dad. It makes me jealous sometimes, because they have memories of their father that I do not have of my own father.

Yesterday was considerably quieter than Thursday. I drove Priscilla and her sister to the clinic. As upbeat as Priscilla is is how negative her sister is. (I suspect it’s more than just the 14 years difference in their ages.) What a sourpuss. She always seems to act like she resents that we’ve awakened her. She rarely speaks. This time she was actually more animated than she’s been before and the two women did not argue with each other, which was a blessing.

The rest of the day was just the same ol’ same ol’. Tried to finish up some transcription, stopped by the cemetery just ‘cause I was "in the neighbornood" (well, I had to tell the kids about the new dog, especially since it was Paul's wife who arranged for Buddy to come here), took a package to the post office, filed a claim about our mail problem last week (someone sent in a fraudulent "vacation hold" on our mail, which, given all that has happened with our credit subsequently, makes me wonder if it could be connected), and tried to buy a new PCMCIA modem cord for the laptop computer, which Office Depot told me over the phone that they carried, but which they told me in person they did not. Sigh. Oh least I didn’t drive 20 miles to find that out.

Got some exciting news, though. I have known for some time that Steve was booked to play the plenary session of the PFLAG Convention next month, and I have tickets to go and see him, but today they announced that Tipper Gore is going to be speaking on the same program, along with Barney Frank, Jimmy Creech and some other folks. Should be a memorable evening! With luck, Steve will have finished the recording that he is doing today and actually have some CDs to sell at the concert (I wonder if Tipper Gore will buy one...).

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